Frequently Asked Questions & Quick-Start Guides

How much does WOOSTRIPE costs?

WOOSTRIPE has a one-off fee of 129€ that grants you access to over 9 payment modules (and growing) + recurring payments for Woocommerce for Subscriptions if you need. Alternatively you can opt to purchase a single payment module at 49€. Both plans grant you lifetime updates.

How to Install WooStripe
  1. Download the Plugin, upload and Activate it on WordPress.
  2. Insert the license key you have received.
  3. Make sure you have enabled the new payment methods on your STRIPE account at

Now. Visit Woocommerce > Settings > Checkout. Your new payment options will be there. Simply Enable the ones you want:

Lastly, Setup Webhooks:

For this plugin to work, you must go to your Stripe dashboard and set up webhooks for your domain. You can do so by clicking here:

The webhook must have the format:

Your setup should look like this. Make sure that youtype it as https:// and not http://

You are good to go.

Special Settings for asynchronous Payment Methods (SEPA and Sofort)

For Asynchronous payment methods such as SOFORT and SEPA, you will need to change the Hold Stock (minutes) option to 20160.

Visit Woocommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory

  1. Enable the Stock Management Option
  2. Put “Hold Stock (minutes) at 20160

This means that after the customer has been redirected to complete the payment, the Order Status will be changed to Pending until Stripe receives confirmation that the payment was cleared. The payment must be received by Stripe within 20160 minutes (14 days), or else the Order Status is changed to Cancelled automatically.

Of course, if Stripe receives the payment, the Order Status will change to Processing

Are you affiliated with Stripe?
Stripe doesn’t affiliate with any plugins. We use their API and documentation to develop it and we are the only plugin for Woocommerce adding 9 new payment methods besides credit card.
Is WOOSTRIPE Compatible with Recurring Payments?

Yes. Our 129€ solution is now compatible with Recurring Payments via 3D Secure Credit Cards and SEPA. We will be adding soon recurring payments for iDEAL and other European payment methods.

This solution is based on the plugin “Woocommerce for Subscriptions” and you need to have this plugin to accept recurring payments.

How can I get support?
Our support is available on live chat from Monday to Friday between 10AM to 5PM GMT and will provide you assistance about WOOSTRIPE sources and eventual technical issues. Besides, you can always contact us through the icon chat and we will answer as soon as possible.
What is your refund policy?

This is a digital purchase with a one-time fee and therefore refunds aren’t possible. If our plugin isn’t working and you have followed our guidelines, we will definitely refund our order.

If you have further questions, click on the bottom-right chat icon.

We are online at least from Monday to Friday between 10AM to 5PM GMT.